Yale School of Management MBA application Essay Tips for 2021-2022

The Yale MBA program is a two-year full-time program. Yale University is a powerful university for international applicants due to its amazing international brand. If you intend to work in a position or industry where MBA rankings aren’t as important, the average company or business partner may hear “Yale” and simply recognise it as one of the top universities in the country. Yale focuses on leadership, international exposure, as well as a sense of passion and enthusiasm. Above everything else, Yale is indeed an academic institution. This means that academic strength is the first factor they consider when evaluating an applicant. Your high school record is the principal instrument in your application because it tells a lot about your educational drive as well as performance in terms. Read on to know how to write Yale’s MBA essays. Yale MBA demands the following prompts from its candidates:


Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words maximum)

Behavioral questions, such as this one require you to explain how you act in particular situations. Choose an instance from your past and consider what a commitment signified to you. Was it a job or a group that you were a part of? Perhaps your commitment is related to a significance or a person. Provide specific details about your dedication and why it is the largest one you have ever made. What did you believe or say? Describe what steps you took. 

Ideally, you might also show how you collaborate with others as a leader and team member. Leadership and commitment frequently go together because the best leaders are dedicated to improving the team and organisation. Remember that Yale SOM students are committed to making a positive impact on the world. This question’s topic illustrates your values. As a result, those values should preferably include actions that have an impact on the larger community. Whether you want an individual or team commitment, make absolutely sure you demonstrate how it had a significant positive impact. While writing, keep the Yale SOM’s mission in mind. Know the structure of your essay! For this I would suggest (Challenge – Action – Results) framework. Start with the challenges that you were facing, afterwards describe your action-plan. Then, jot down what the results were! 

Your personality should come through, and introspection and honesty should pervade the entire collection of your thought process. Try brainstorming for a few days to come up with new ideas. Inquire about your friends and family about the ideals they hold and then draft edit and revise a few times to get the perfect version. 


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