Comprehensive Package

Comprehensive Package

Our comprehensive consulting package offers you complete end-to-end personalised application support. We help demystify the application process by partnering with you to prepare effective applications and providing personal insights into each school’s admissions dynamics.

We will collaborate with you to bring out the uniqueness in your profile, ensuring that each application is tailored keeping in mind the school’s profile and requirements.


The MM Approach is designed to provide you with end-to-end support throughout the journey, and has the following steps:

Getting to know you

Our profiling document is the starting point for us to get to know you better. We then engage in comprehensive brainstorming sessions to understand your profile and goals in detail, which helps us identify your core strengths and achievements, explore colleges, and design a customized plan to meet your individual requirements.

Career Goals Mapping

We help you define concrete and clear short term and long term goals. We will guide you to specific resources and mentors to help you tailor a seamless connection between your past work experience, future goals and why you want to pursue an MBA. This support helps our clients not just crack their B-school admits but also make the most of their MBA journey as they embark on the MBA journey with a clear career path in mind.

School Shortlisting

One size does not fit all, and we thus help you shortlist the right set of B-schools based on your profile, goals and preferences. We believe that choosing the right set of colleges enhances your conversion rate by a great degree and hence spend a substantial amount of time discussing your college options and making the right choices. Once finalized, we also help you establish connects with school authorities.

Resume Building

Your resume is a snapshot of your entire profile and is a critical document in your application package. We help you make an impactful one-page CV that meets the requirement of an MBA program. We focus on quantifying your work’s impact and ensuring that all essential elements of your profile get covered in the CV.

Essay Strategy & Editing

We believe that each individual has a unique story to tell, but you need a little support in telling it. Our aim is to help you to put your best foot forward, which will help you secure admission into a B-school of your choice. We help you map your personal story to answer specific essay questions, bringing out your unique voice while keeping in mind the requirements of each school you are applying to. We will help you with essay outline, content improvement, unlimited editing, and polishing to ensure you submit a winning application!

Letter of Recommendation

We help you choose the right recommenders and guide you on how to work with them to ensure that your letter of recommendation is in line with the story-line we are presenting through our essays.

Application Form Review

We want to ensure that every element of your application is in rhythm with each other and don’t want you to make any errors at any step. Thus, we do a complete application run-through before you submit your online form.

Interview Prep

We will share winning interview tips with you through our interview guide, which has a comprehensive database of past and most commonly asked interview questions. We conduct 2-3 mock interviews to model the real interview experience and provide detailed feedback and pointers for improvement at the end of each mock. Mock interviews can take place over the phone or via Skype/Zoom currently.

Post Application Support

We will help you with the process until you get the final admit and you say “yes”. We will support you to choose your top school from multiple admits, draft deferral letters, formulate waitlist strategies, and edit scholarship essays.

We also stay in touch with our clients after they start with their MBA journey and support them wherever we can. We eagerly wait to hear the success stories of all our clients as they enter the professional arena.

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