MBA Testimonials

Wharton with $50,000 scholarship and Kellogg

Arushi P.

“Mentor Mpact came highly recommended by a close friend. While looking for admission consultants, I wanted someone who could give me personal attention, understand my non-traditional profile and be with me every step of the way. I am glad to say that Rashi did all the above and more. I come from a highly technical background but Rashi made sure to understand my journey and highlight my unique strengths. She was confident in my choice of schools which helped me narrow down my options quickly. She was always ready with reassuring words when I doubted myself. Even when we were close to the deadlines, Rashi was always a call/message away for last-minute doubts and questions. She was as invested in my application process as I was. I got interview invites from all the schools I applied to with Rashi (Wharton, Booth and Kellogg). Interview preparation calls with her were very helpful. All in all, a very positive experience. I am glad I stuck to my gut instinct at the beginning of the application process and chose to work with Mentor Mpact.”

Columbia Business School

Vidur K.

“Rashi is the perfect end-to-end support for someone looking to pursue an MBA. Her knowledge of the admissions process and individual universities across the globe is second to none. I enthusiastically recommend Rashi to anyone in need of consulting for this challenging phase of their careers.”

Harvard Business School

Hrithik B.

“At a time when I had decided to pursue an MBA program from one of the noted schools in the USA, I found myself searching for a proper plan to turn this career aspiration into reality. I am thankful to Rashi for providing me an opportunity to be associated with her through my journey of getting selected to Harvard Business School. True to her organisation’s name, she was an excellent mentor to me and has played a lasting impact in identification of my strengths, shortcomings, and the correspondingly appropriate career path. Her approach towards encouraging me to analyse, re-analyse, and improve upon my thought process so as to bring my thoughts on paper provided just the right guidance I was looking for at the start of our association. Despite my anxiety around the process, Rashi often comforted my nerves by staying fully committed to my application process. She was always one call/ one email away. I strongly encourage future MBA candidates to meet her and improve upon their probability of making a competitive MBA application.”

Chicago Booth

Pranoy C.

“I had been thinking about applying for more than a year but did not have a lot of clarity in terms of what the process of admissions would be like and what would be an ideal approach towards getting a good admit. The first few interaction sessions with Rashi, especially the information exchanged concerning my career goals and inclinations, helped me get a better sense of what my goals should narrow down to and the schools that were apt for me. In the subsequent months, I found her to be very adept at getting my experiences and goals across in a structured and succinct manner. Working with her on edits, I saw a significant improvement in the quality of my essays as time progressed. I believe the biggest bonus has to be the attention to detail that she paid to every piece of writing that ensued while maintaining an overall view of the flow of ideas across the pieces for each school. I sincerely thank Rashi for all her efforts and wish her the best for the future.”

Kellogg School of Management

Kush V.

“Rashi assisted me during my business school applications. My aim was to secure a spot in round 1 of the application process. Rashi ensured that my essays were comprehensive and tailored to meet the requirements of each and every school I applied to. She was proactive during this process, given that we were in different countries. Additionally, she was optimistic and very transparent regarding the timelines and milestones to be achieved. She provided creative ideas and pushed me to take a more structured approach. As a result, I was able to secure a spot in one of the top 10 business schools. It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with her! “

LBS 40k scholarship, INSEAD and UCLA full scholarship

Arjun C.

“I had a strong academic profile but extremely nontraditional professional background that made me doubtful about my chances at top business schools. Through brainstorming with Rashi, I was able to iron out relevant experiences that helped me communicate my leadership skills and demonstrate maturity and readiness for an MBA program. Regarding the essays, Rashi always gave excellent feedback and guided me through multiple rounds of edits until we were both satisfied with the outcome. Her attention to detail and astuteness to focus on values aligned with each school’s unique culture really impressed me and I was very happy with how my applications turned out. As I started getting interview calls, my confidence increased and Rashi guided me through the whole process by preparing an extensive list of interview questions and tweaking and polishing my responses, which made me fully equipped to ace my interviews. As results started rolling out, I received good news from multiple schools and not only realized my goal of gaining admission into both of the top 2 European programs but was awarded a scholarship at one as well! I am exceedingly thankful to Rashi and would highly recommend mentor mpact to anyone with aspirations of attending a top business school. “

London Business School

Adhiraj C.

“I engaged with Rashi for the 2020-21 admission cycle to apply for an MBA from a top-tier foreign B-school and have now ended up accepting the offer from London Business School. Rashi did a fantastic job at giving me the 1-0-1 attention I wanted in helping ideate, brainstorm, problem-solve, debate and finally cull out insights. Her in-depth knowledge of what’s needed to get your through, what each B-school specifically looks for, how best to storyline your life’s journey into a well-crafted pitch and agile turn around times were the highlights of my experience with her. The freedom to talk to her whenever and how many times were definitely unique compared to other counsellors in the market when interactions are strictly timed and curtailed. Would highly recommend Rashi’s services to anyone looking for a high quality and attention focused experience.”

Cambridge Judge Business School

Mridul C.

“I worked with Rashi in 2020, and it was a great experience. She follows a systematic approach and guides you through the whole admission process very well. She is available for calls as and when needed. Within a few months I had my first admit even though my GMAT score wasn’t the best. Would recommend Rashi for anyone who is trying to apply to the top colleges in Europe or the US.”

Kellogg School of Management and ISB

Dikshant K.

“Sitting in ISB campus right now and writing this, I can surely say that it would; absolutely not have been possible without you Rashi. I came to her with a not so great GMAT score and high aspirations ! It could have been easy for her to give me a rosy albeit unrealistic picture however she was very pragmatic. Henceforth she gauged on my weak points and recommended a crash course to better my score. Not to say it worked wonders for me and pushed my score to a competitive 740. One of the amazing things about her is how she guides you subtly and makes you move towards the right direction. Though undoubtedly the best part about her is how she makes you feel home. She is always a call away and will even take calls in wee hours just to calm your anxiety. Finally the results speak of themselves , I got 7/8 interview calls and converted 5 with 2 in the waitlist. Summing things up , I would recommend her without another though. @Rashi you are the best!”

UC Berkeley, UCLA and CMU Tepper with scholarship

Apurv A.

“If you are looking for a mentor who can help you evaluate your profile, build upon your strengths and basically demystify the MBA admission process, well, in that case, you have reached the right place folks. I had an excellent GMAT but an atypical job profile. When I first applied to B-schools (without any mentoring or outside inputs) I did not make it. The second time around I was much better prepared thanks to Rashi. Rashi and I systematically walked through my profile, isolated strengths and weaknesses, identified best fit schools and then I got cracking on the essays. Rashi was a great companion for bouncing ideas and always had quality inputs. I definitely recommend working with her.”

INSEAD Admit (scholarship Euro 13000)

Isha S.

“Mentor Mpact has been of phenomenal help in my selection to INSEAD with a scholarship of Euro 13,000. When I started the process with an average GMAT score and some gaps in my profile, I was very worried. However, MentorMpact quickly came to my rescue. Having multiple rounds of discussion, Rashi and Karan ensured that the essays submitted by me were of tremendous quality. Their perception and experience will ensure that you bring out and present the best of yourself to the colleges. Always approachable, they hear out your concerns and thoughts. Rashi understands your needs and suggests colleges that best suit you. She helped me right from the application essays to scholarship essays to suggesting financing options. I received interviews from every school that I applied to and I’m happy to announce that I will be attending INSEAD this fall.What makes it even special is the scholarship amount. I cannot thank them enough for their lovely support all through this grilling journey of applications and admissions!
Rachit B. – NYU Stern School of Business, London Business School and ISB
I applied to 3 top business schools, got interview calls from all and 2 final admission calls. Mentor Mpact was strongly recommended to me by a friend who vouched for Rashi’s commitment and personalized attention to work. Rashi’s structured approach to the MBA application process helps you identify your strengths, package your story in a unique way and present it in a compelling way to admission committees. When I first started the application process I was nervous and not sure if I should be aiming at the top schools. Rashi instilled both confidence and clarity in me. I strongly recommend Rashi and Mentor Mpact to all MBA aspirants.”

NYU Stern School of Business, UCLA Anderson ($50,000 scholarship) and CMU Tepper

Gaurav T.

“I have had a long relationship with Mentor Mpact, right from the time when I first applied to B-Schools in 2013 to my final selection in Anderson, Tepper and Stern in 2015. I found Mentor Mpact to be professional, candid and candidate centric in their approach. If I am to call out one, “Individual Attention” would be their biggest strength. Additionally they have a very good team. I found them to be quite knowledgeable, analytical and forthright in their feedback. Rashi herself is quite pro-active and helped me in everything from essays, to resume, to any tiny doubt on the actual application. Mentor Mpact also has a very good interview package, which I found to be extremely helpful. I would say, Mentor Mpact had a pivotal role to play in my journey from application to acceptance in a top-tier school.”


Tripta A.

“I had a great experience working with Mentor Mpact, and strongly recommend them to B-school aspirants. My biggest challenge in the application process was putting together my work experience, education and goals and tying it together to form a cohesive case and that’s where Rashi helped me the most. With every round of suggestions from her, I felt my story line getting stronger and more convincing. Her ability to see the big picture and her experience with the process really helped me. I also appreciate how Rashi helped me through the entire process, apart from the applications- right from shortlisting of colleges (on which I was completely clueless) to mock interviews before the interview day. All in all, this really prepared me well for every stage. Really thankful to her for this dedicated effort!”

Kellogg School of Management and INSEAD

Astha G.

“Mentor Mpact is phenomenal at what they do! I reached out to them 20 days before my R2 deadlines and how they turned around my application has made all the difference. I converted 5 of the 6 schools I applied to, including two of my dream schools – Kellogg and INSEAD. What differentiates Mentor Mpact is their dedication to creating the highest value for their clients, they make your mission as their own. Rashi, the co-founder, brings in perspective from her experience in the business and suggests a school strategy that rightly fights your profile and fit. Moreover, she knows the opportunities each school has to offer in terms of industry, job roles, and locations, making months-long research just a call away. I am really happy to have met Rashi at the right time!”


Vidhi G.

“I came to know of Mentor Mpact through a friend who highly recommended both the quality and commitment of the firm. During the time of my application I was working in an Indian bank and did not have adequate time to do the relevant research of what the college was looking for in an applicant and the tone I should employ for the essays. I met with Rashi soon after my GMAT in which my score was far from fabulous- the first piece of great advice she gave me was that spend your time on the application rather than re taking the GMAT (unless the next time round you can get a 760!). This was sensible as I have now realized that Institutes look for an above average score to establish some basic intelligence. I explained to Rashi that I was looking at only one year courses. Her methodology was very structured. First she helped me plot my “life graph” detailing my various achievements and helping me draw out instances which I may have considered immaterial but did highlight a facet that B-schools look at. She then gave me a lot of information specifically about the school I was looking to apply to- what they like in a candidate and what I should emphasize on. I was attached to a mentor based out of a different city. And though I was sceptical about how a long distance mentoring structure would work, I soon realized that both Rashi and my mentor worked in sync to progressively work through the various essays. There was no pressure on the number of times it would be refined, the idea was to perfect the draft. The application came out very well-my essays were well structured, articulate without trying “too hard” and each essay highlighted a different story giving my entire application a good feel. I highly recommend Mentor Mpact to students looking to apply to B-schools. Good luck!”

IIM A, B, L and ISB

Astha T.

“When I decided to pursue a one-year MBA a friend recommended that I contact Rashi and it turned out to be a wise decision. Rashi’s rich experience, politeness and ability to understand diverse profiles was of immense help in preparing me for B-school admissions. I benefitted the most from the 1-1 brainstorming sessions and the interview guides shared with me. Every interaction we had gave me immense confidence for resumes, essays and interviews. Extremely thankful to Rashi and MentorMpact for helping me achieve my career goals.”


Achin G.

“I worked with Rashi during my application for MBA schools. She provided immense support during the process and helped me secure seats at multiple reputed schools including UCLA Anderson School of Management where I am currently studying. Her support extended beyond just editing essays, she adopts a holistic approach and helps you understand the process. During the entire process, I feel I constantly challenged Rashi and her inputs but in the end, I feel she helped me make the best of my profile and take the most suitable decisions. Her clarity regarding the processes and her ability to find the right fit for an individual is commendable. Also, she tries hard to be ethical and fair in her job and is always open to feedback and discussions. These characteristics add value to her appeal as a consultant as when you are discussing your career choices with someone, it is essential to hear the truth. In the end, I would definitely encourage people around me to consider working with Rashi as I am sure, based on her hard working character and rock strong determination, she must have only gotten better from the last time we worked together.”

Rotman School of Management

Sahil K.

“At a time when I had decided to pursue an MBA program from one of the noted schools in North America, I found myself searching for a proper plan to turn this career aspiration into reality. I am thankful to Rashi for providing me an opportunity to be associated with her along my journey to my selection to Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. True to her organisation’s name, she was an excellent mentor to me and has played a lasting impact in identification of my strengths, shortcomings, and the correspondingly appropriate career path. Her fledgling yet disciplined approach toward encouraging me to analyse, re-analyse, and improve upon my thoughts’ process so as to bring my thoughts on paper has provided just the right guidance I was looking for at the start of our association. Despite my anxiety around the process, Rashi often comforted my nerves by staying fully committed to my application process. She was always one call/ one email away. I strongly encourage future MBA candidates to meet her and improve upon their probability of making a competitive MBA application.”

Indian School of Business

Alisha B.

“When I met Rashi for the first time, her infectious smile and positive energy made me her fan at that very instant. Fortunately, I had heard such great reviews about Mentor Mpact, that it was the first and only consultancy I went to and ended up finalizing it. Even before giving my final GMAT attempt and paying for their services, Rashi motivated me constantly towards achieving my goals. She was a great influence and always made me believe in myself. Finally when I ended up joining Mentor Mpact, Rashi was a great professional mentor as well. My dream was to get into ISB but at the same time I was very skeptical about actually cracking it due to my limited work experience. However, due to her extensive and holistic knowledge of MBA schools’ admissions processes in India and abroad, Rashi helped me to come up with a fantastic list of schools aligning with my career prospects. She worked with me persistently to build my profile, highlight important aspects of my MBA application and trained me for interviews. Well, after that all I can say is that I’ve never ever felt so lucky because I actually got an interview call from 5 out of 6 schools I had applied to and ended up securing admission at ISB. The personalized experience amalgamated with an extremely professional approach is what sets Mentor Mpact apart. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or result of my MBA journey.”

IIM Ahmedabad

Bhumika M.

“It was a great experience working on my college Applications with Rashi. She went out of her way to suggest the best possible options for colleges right from prestigious institutes in India to a couple of lucrative options abroad. It was very easy to work with her as she is very open to feedback and brings the best of one’s own individuality in one’s applications. I targeted two colleges and successfully got admitted with one of them. Overall I was quite satisfied with the way my apps turned out and with the overall result.”

Indian School of Business

Anirudh M.

“I chose Mentor Mpact based on glowing recommendations from a family friend, and after getting into the MBA college of my dreams, I am only more convinced of their ability. Throughout the application process I was working with Rashi, and her incredible commitment & knowledge assisted me in identifying the right-fit colleges. She guided me patiently and expertly, through multiple iterations, in order to bring out the best in my profile. For both the strength & weakness in my profile, her clarity of thought was reassuring and helped me structure the application to the maximum effect. There were many sessions of brainstorming at various stages of the application process, and at the end of each session, I gained precise information and valuable suggestions. Even after I got the interview call from ISB, she helped me with a mock interview and instilled confidence in me. Above and beyond – that is how I feel about the services from Mentor Mpact. The gap from a deserving candidate to a successful admit is a long one, and Rashi helped me bridge that gap successfully. She is someone who I have come to respect a great deal, and certainly made a critical difference to my application. Thanks a lot. I look forward to spreading the word, so that others can have the same excellent experience that I got.”

Schulich Business School

Shray B.

“Rashi – You are awesome !! Rashi has helped me in B school applications, and due to our combined efforts – I have been accepted to Schulich School of Business, Keele Campus. Her calm, composed nature and the willingness to walk the extra mile with each of her clients is what makes her unique. During my engagement with her, I was in the opposite time zone – yet I could still reach out to her even late at night and discuss my queries. Rashi is truly a Mentor who has made a profound Impact in my life. I would totally recommend her for achieving your B school aspirations!”


Disha G.

“I met Rashi about 25 days before my application deadline with the least knowledge regarding what to write and how to proceed. A very confident me said proudly “I guess it’ll take about 5-6 days. Right? and she replied politely “No way!!!”. We began the process right away and as I started writing, I realized how stupid my experiences are as compared to what’s on the net. We began turning my “stupid” stories into the best ones. The everyday calls and her guidance on how and what to write completely changed the way I used to think and write. Soon I was given a mentor to help and to solve my day to day queries. My “5-6 days” estimate of completing the entire application went in just thinking and jotting down the points in which Rashi was a great help. Her “step by step” and “delve deeper” approach started turning my essays into good shape. In the middle I got anxious about meeting the deadline where she helped me maintain cool. My application was completed much on time and the essays were up to the mark. I highly recommend Mentor MPACT for their services, personal attention and superior writing skills.”

Rotman School of Management

Raghav G.

“On our very first meeting, Rashi discussed my profile ,which I think is a great way to start your dream school application as one should be aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses. I liked the way Rashi had a viewpoint on every aspect of my profile allowing me to get inputs and directions to further improve my profile and presentation skills. Our intense discussions on my goals in life and which school fits me , really benefited me by saving several man hours by dropping a school where I could not see myself at. Though Rashi gave me great school choices based on my profile, she was in a way realistic too. Further, conversations with Rashi helped me build my profile and research target schools keeping my goals in mind. Moreover, Rashi’s strong determination to get the best out of the essays showcasing high impact and quality, helped me portray some of the important phases of my professional career which I managed to leverage during my interviews. Rashi’s application guidelines and review procedure helped me prepare well for my applications and in the end helped me secure a place at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto with a decent scholarship as well.”

Indian School of Business

Akanksha G.

“I got to know about Mentor Mpact from a close acquaintance of mine, while preparing for my GMAT. From the very first day, Rashi Thakur, Founder of MentorMpact provided me with the right guidance and boosted my morale. Rashi’s structured approach helped me analyze and understand my own strengths and weaknesses. There was a vast difference between my first draft of the essays and the final draft, and thus I was confident that I was on the right track. We were able to achieve this through redrafting of the essays multiple times and patiently sitting over each draft to arrive at the perfect draft. Not only did I get the proper guidance for my application, but Rashi also guided me through the phase of my GMAT preparation and the interview preparation. On the whole, my journey with Mentor Mpact has been a wonderful experience. Hats off to Rashi!!”

Darden School of Business

Akansha J.

“Mentor Mpact helped me through the entire process – from school shortlisting to the final application submissions. It was literally like working with a friend through the entire process. We would discuss everything several times to bring out the best in my application.They helped me work and realize my goals and acted as the perfect guiding source. Most importantly, Mentor Mpact works on a one-on-one basis, takes personal interest in everyone and doesn’t function like other commercial consulting services, which is indeed reassuring and rewarding. I have a big part of my success to share with Rashi. And not just B-school wise but also in terms of the clarity of my thought towards my goals. A big thank you and all the best for your future endeavors!”

UNC Kenan Flagler (scholarship), USC Marshall (50% scholarship), Rotman School of Management

Akrati G.

“After giving my GMAT, I started trying for different MBA colleges. I devoted a whole year but couldn’t reach anywhere. Then one of my friends strongly recommended Mentor Mpact to me. And it goes without saying that the firm has truly been a great mentor to me throughout my application process journey. The structured methodology of the firm and Rashi’s unique approach to handle each and every essay/question helped me know more about myself and my aspirations. She helped me brainstorm about my choices in life, achievements and strong areas and helped them transform into authentic and well-structured essays. Soon after I joined Mentor Mpact, my company transferred me to Australia on deputation. I thought that it would be very tough to carry on with my MBA dream given the intense work pressure. However, the perfect guidance and timely response from Rashi helped me balance my work and application processes. Today, when I look back, I realise that I had made a very wise decision by trusting Mentor Mpact for choosing the right colleges for me. I highly recommend Mentor Mpact to everyone looking forward to joining a good B-school.”

Indian School of Business

Anisha R.

“There is no doubt that working with Mentor Mpact dramatically improved my MBA application success and played an instrumental role in getting an ISB admit. I was not looking for an essay editor. I wanted someone who could advise me, and provide me with 1:1 guidance. This is exactly what I got at Menor Mpact. The process and feedback mechanism were helpful in challenging me to think honestly and critically about my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. If I had the process to do over again, I would make the same choice and work with Mentor Mpact.”

Indian School of Business

Ankit A.

“I think almost all B-school aspirants are theoretically aware of what is required to be put in an application. Unfortunately it’s the implementation of this theoretical knowledge which gets really tricky! Rashi from Mentor Mpactcounseled me for my B-school applications. Her insight about the entire selection process and her ability to work along with me really helped me in preparing the strongest application that I could. She was candid in her approach and for my first application she asked me to redo all the essays twice! It was only after my third draft that we even started thinking of refining the essays and fine-tuning them. My final application and first draft had hardly anything in common! Counseling for college selection and application preparation initially seems moot. But having seen the difference Rashi made in the quality and content of my essays, I feel I made a very sensible decision in enlisting the assistance of an expert to aid me in preparing my B-school applications.”

Indiana University, Kelley School of Business (scholarship)

Arjun A.

“I met Rashi and the Mentor Mpact team through a close friend and was impressed by their knowledge, commitment and dedication right away. I realized that these qualities, coupled with the unique model of working with experienced mentors, who are graduates from some of the finest business schools is the perfect recipe for a successful application to a B school. After having given my GMAT, I was unsure of my strategy going forward, including which B schools I could target in line with my entrepreneurial goals, and which round to target for different schools. This is where Rashi’s expertise kicked in. I worked as a team with Rashi, and my mentor Karan, an entrepreneur who has similar educational background and work experience as I have, and is an alumnus of one of the B schools I was targeting. The structured approach that Rashi and Karan took helped me identify my target schools, and the key strengths of my profile. Their methodology of studying the applicant’s profile with an exceptional level of detail works brilliantly. I was surprised by how small details that I may not have considered relevant enough were actually differentiators for my application, which I have learnt is the key to a successful MBA application. It was only through the team’s structured feedback on each draft of my essay that the final essays were immaculate in projecting my profile, sometimes in extremely small word limits. The challenge somewhat moved to a higher level on being invited for interviews, but Mentor Mpact’s guidance on tackling interviews was spot on. The result of all the effort came in the form of an admit from one of the top MBA programs in the US. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation goes out to the Mentor Mpact team in guiding me and helping me through this intensive and lengthy process.”


Arvind D.

“Clearing my initial misconception that getting a score on the GMAT was not the toughest part of a B school application but what was more challenging was the entire application process itself: starting from choosing the right fit in terms of the B-School, region, alumni base, expertise in terms of specialisation preferred, to presenting a solid profile/application. An application requires precise solid essays coupled with a strong set of referrals, culminating in one whole package. Phew!!!! Thankfully I had professional guidance in the shape of MentoMpact throughout my journey to attaining an admit into a top European B school. From short listing of B schools w.r.t my profile, to countless brainstorming sessions for essays and numerous rounds of essay reviews, personal attention was given to make sure that I am able to present a stellar application. I feel the difference lies in the fact that at MentorMpact you are guided by people who have gone through the same journey before you, and are well versed with what makes an application stand out. Combining knowledge and experience with special attention given to each candidate, MentorMpact stands out in the otherwise money -minting attitude shown by other MBA admission consultants. I would like to thank Rashi Thakur and her entire team at MentorMpact for guiding me through this past one year, and eventually helping me present a winning application.”


Bakul K.

“I was really skeptical about applying to ISB because of my really low GMAT score, but Rashi assured me that GMAT score was only one attribute to my application. Rashi really helped me think through my story again, position my strengths in the best possible way, and make a succinct essay. All of my and Rashi’s efforts paid off when I got my interview call, which was an unexpected (yet pleasant) surprise for me. Even after getting an interview call, MentorMpact helped me connect with Sarang who helped me prepare for my final interview and the Interview Guide provided by MentorMpact helped me structure interview answers for all possible questions expected for my ISB interview. To sum it all up, my experience with MentorMpact was excellent and the fact that Rashi actually sat with me in person, rather than just have a telephonic conversation, really helped me a lot! The personal interaction with Rashi gave me the confidence I needed to build my story and also gave me the confidence to trust Rashi to come up with a good application.”

Rotman School of Management

Harkaran S.

“Mentor Mpact has been critical at guiding me through the entire application process. Rashi and her team were exceptional at every stage – right from helping me get my story right to shortlisting prospective universities. I would recommend Mentor Mpact to anyone who needs any sort of guidance with their application process and I’m grateful to Rashi for her professional yet personalised approach that has helped me being successful in my endeavour to get through a top university.”


Hemant B.

“You were an excellent guide. Your clarity on what a B school expects in an application saved my time and effort I would have put in finding a reliable mentor/reviewer. Your profiling form was structured well and helped me figure out the content for application.”

Richard Ivey School of Business

Manasvi M.

“Once I was done with my GMAT, I was out on a lookout for MBA admission consultants. One of my friends recommended me to Mentor Mpact and after checking the website and a phone call, I was convinced that Mentor Mpact is the right place for me to take forward my application process. The three main positive points about consultants at Mentor Mpact is that they keep things simple, they are alumni from international MBA programs, hence have industry insights and take the end to end ownership of the application process. This really helped me to work on the application process, specially because I was operating in a completely different time zone, under a strict time constraint, applying across geographies and I really wanted the consultant to understand my background well to help me reflect myself best in the application. With help from Mentor Mpact, I was able to apply to the colleges in time and convert them to interview calls and admit. I would highly recommend people pursuing MBA applications to go to Mentor Mpact.”


Mohit K.

“Coming from a unique background of Merchant Navy, I never knew how I would compete against the bankers and the consultants who usually apply to B schools. While I knew that the uniqueness of a career is an advantage, I had no clue whatsoever of how to put it on paper and use it to my advantage. To get such apprehensions off my mind, I spoke to a few friends in my GMAT prep class and they directed me to Mentompact. I was smart and lucky to contact Rashi in the very early days of my GMAT and application journey.This timely step helped me sail through most of my endeavors such as GMAT preparation, shortlisting of schools, applications , interviews and what not. Though I had a decent score in my GMAT, that was just the beginning of my voyage. An application is in my opinion the most impactful database that you provide to the B school. Writing down the story of your life in 6-7 essays and that too with an upper cap on the word limit is not at all easy. Those are pages where each and every word is important and can decide your entry to that school. Mentor Mpact has a great system in place to make your essays the strength of your application. They have an exhaustive brainstorming process which caters to almost everything that you have done in your life. Then comes the first draft and the numerous iterations and personal discussions over the essays which fine tune the essay and the end result will be interview calls to the B school of your choice. And this is exactly what happened to me 🙂 I also took the interview package from mentor mpact and was not surprised with the professionalism the whole process goes on. The interviews are so real that I was forced to think they are unreal. Just one practice gave me loads of confidence and I was too comfortable in my interviews thereafter. All these components were invaluable components of my application and the net result was entry into my dream school HEC Paris with a great amount of scholarship. I really thank Mentormpact and Rashi especially who actually drove the things around, went beyond limits to help me pursue my dreams. Though my professional contract is over , we keep sharing ideas and the guidance of the mentors is always available to me. I wish Mentor Mpact the best of luck to make the best of whatever they put their hands in.”


Ravi C.

“When I decided to go for an MBA, the decision to go with Mentor mpact was not an easy one – a lot of options are there for someone looking for guidance for Admission. Ultimately however, I took the decision to go with MM because of Rashi’s personal involvement with all the people who join – and it’s a decision I have never had to regret.
MM took over the entire process of application for me, understanding my profile, selecting my colleges and handling my whole application.
Because of this, I was free to prepare for GMAT and focus solely on getting a good score- a very important factor for me at the time since I was also working at the time.
While applying we went through each essay about 4 times – each time it sounded a little better than before. The end result, the final essay, I still believe was the best essay that I could have possibly written and it wouldn have been possible without Rashi’s Help.
Overall, I have had a wonderful experience with Mentor Mpact and I am very thankful to their expert advice and guidance which helped me get my admit into the ISB.”

ISB Admit

Saurav A.

“An extraordinary mentor and guide, Rashi Thakur has been my strength and support to help me through a process that has established me and helped me getting into a B School of my dreams. I have been a re-applicant for my MBA Admission at ISB. With a disappointing result post the interview last year, I was destroyed and demoralized. I finally found my guiding light in Rashi. Her brilliant guidance, support and innovative intellectually probing technique helped me clear my MBA goals and prepared me for that perfect interview. With the confidence instilled in me by Rashi, I got her support to prepare methodologically for my interview. She helped weed out the inefficiencies in my approach and made sure that this time I was ready to deliver on the interview stage. And that I did. I made it through with ease. I would like to thank Rashi Thakur for her mentorship, guidance, support and encouragement that has helped me achieve my dreams. She is indeed an Impact ful Mentor at MentorMPact. Wishing her and all of you success in your endeavours.”

McCombs, Boston University, Purdue

Siddharth G.

“I took MentorMpact’s services for some of my applications to US Universities for Fall 2010. I was actually enrolled with one of the leading consultants in this area and what made me look towards MentorMpact was the special service they have of connecting with a mentor from the same school that we apply to. This really helps in understanding the school in a better way and molding our essays to suit the school. Though I was hesitant that they just started their operations, I must say that I am glad that I enrolled with them. Not only are the mentors great, but also it was good to see the director – Rashi puts in so much effort and goes overboard in helping me. Her advice was very valuable, the editing was very good, the interview preparation was great with good material and good mock interviews and the feedback sessions. Overall, I would say that these guys are very professional, their model is good, they have good knowledge and moreover they put in a lot of effort into making our application the Best. I sincerely thank them for helping me with my applications. I wish the reader best of luck for his/her application and trust me, you have come to the right place!!”

ISB Co 2011 admit

Sumit S.

“This has been one of the best experiences that I had from MentorMPact. The way the entire counselling is planned and delivered is absolutely professional. This changes the way one thinks of his or her future in management education and hidden strengths of a person are brought to fore with in depth analysis and consultation. I don’t have any doubt of a great and bright future for the organization.”


Varun K.

“A 660 in the GMAT and a desire to pursue an MBA from ISB, the odds were against me. This is when MentorMpact came to my rescue. When I started writing my application for ISB I was contemplating taking the GMAT again and applying with a better score. After much deliberation I decided to seek advice from Rashi Thakur, an alumnus from ISB and founder of MentorMpact. The commitment and professional approach were the first traits that impressed me about MentorMpact. The personalized service that the firm provided me in writing my applications was an added benefit that gave me the confidence that even with a 660 I could pursue an MBA from ISB. From giving pointers on structuring the essay to patiently sitting through re-drafting the application, Rashi supported me on every step of the way. The stark improvement in my essay from the first to the final draft gave me the confidence that I was with the right mentor. It was because of Rashi’s constant efforts and probing that I managed to submit the application on time and presented my case in the best possible manner.”

Cornell and Indian School of Business

Kunal C.

“I was accepted to Cornell and ISB and had an interview call from LBS. When I decided to apply for my schools, I worked as an investment banking consultant with a focus on the energy sector with a well reputed firm. I held my undergraduate degree in economics and had my GMAT score ready. What I lacked was time to work on my essays. However, I was referred to Mentor Mpact and I am very grateful for this recommendation. Rashi not only helped me with my essays, but also respected my time crunch due to my professional demands. Right from the start she worked with me to set timelines for my college applications and multiple reviews for my essays. She stuck to each one of them. Sometimes due to my work times I couldn’t send essays on pre-decided time, but not once I had to wait for reviewed versions. I applied to 3 schools as I was very focused on my specialization and was able to get admitted from two and interview from all. It won’t be saying too much if I say that it was possible and so easily achievable due to Mentor Mpact.”


Rahul J.

“Rashi was an amazing person to work with. Having worked with another admission consultant before I was pleasantly surprised to see how approachable she was and the level of personal attention she gave. She took time to understand my situation and background, pinpointed the weaknesses and then suggested ways to work on them. She was just a call away whenever I needed her. Along with the essays, she spent a considerable amount of time on my CV as well. The constructive criticism helped me refine my story and highlight the right aspects. I worked with her in only one college and got an admit in the very first shot. INSEAD is a very selective school and it’s largely because of the guidance provided by Rashi that I was able to get an admit.”


Gita B.

“Rashi mentored me for B School applications and she was wonderful to work with! Rashi pushed me to get the best possible results and made sure I didn’t settle for anything less than excellent while keeping my originality. She was very approachable, responsive and supportive. She connected me to all the right people and helped me find the best fit in terms of school and recommenders. She stayed up nights with me during the last days leading up to the application deadline and supported me till the very end. Having an ISB alum as a mentor really helped understand the requirements. Reach out to me if you need to know more!”


Sukriti B.

“Rashi helped me with some of my B- school applications.. I had an average gmat score but aimed to crack a college in the top 20.. Most consultants in this case ask the candidate to retake the GMAT and get a score above 720.. However that was not possible for me.. Rashi helped me to bring out the best in my application and highlight the important points..
I got through ESADE business school ranked 17th.. Though Rashi didn’t directly work on this application, all the essays written for other schools really help me write my essay for ESADE.. Rashi also has a great set of interview questions that were very useful for my interview preparation.”


Harshita S.

“I went to Rashi to seek guidance for my MBA applications and having conferred with a few other consultants for the same before her, I must say she was the best by far. Her way of working is extremely organised and she ensures that all the relevant facts are represented in the application in the best possible way. Rashi was with me through each step of the college applications. She guided me diligently and assiduously through each stage of the process.
She makes sure to bring out the best in the essays through a carefully planned and a streamlined process and the end result is truly worth it. She focuses a lot on improvisations and does not settle till the time the essays are compelling enough. Her guidance was crucial in my admissions. I highly recommend Rashi to anyone who hopes to pursue his or her MBA and needs guidance in applications. You can’t be in better hands than hers.”


Indradeep D.

“Rashi and Mentor Mpact were a valuable set of friends during my MBA application journey. Rashi manages a highly professional and skilled set of people at MM. Wishing her all the best for the journey ahead.”


Vasiya K.

“I worked with Rashi for my B School applications. We started from scratch and went all the way to 3/3 admits! Rashi was a guide, mentor and became a very good friend of mine during the duration of this whole process. She made sure she instilled in me her priceless qualities of being methodical, diligent and well organised. She has a very good eye for details. She had helped me pick the right schools and guided me through the networking process. Her perseverance is addictive and makes you stay focused on the applications irrespective of the environmental conditions you live in. The essays went through multiple iterations and her recommendations were specific, actionable and well-reasoned. Voila! The end result was amazing and took my breath away when I was able to choose from admits! I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for B School Admission consulting!”


Indradeep D.

“Rashi and Mentor Mpact were a valuable set of friends during my MBA application journey. Rashi manages a highly professional and skilled set of people at MM. Wishing her all the best for the journey ahead.”


Pranav A.

“Rashi is a lady with amazing Motivational Qualities. I have worked with her during my b school applications. Rashi is a commendable guide, mentor and friend. She really pushed the best out of me. Rashi’s most impressive qualities have been her excellent communication skills, ability to reason out the issue and layout the situation in a proper methodological way. I have thoroughly enjoyed every interaction with Rashi and really hope that our career paths cross again in future. Wish her All the Best.”