What is a STEM MBA?

There’s no doubt that technology and business are intrinsically linked. In the dynamic corporate scenario of the future, being a good manager will entail harnessing tech and data tools to lead and mentor diversified, cross-functional teams. A STEM MBA is a smart method to get such skills that too in one comprehensive business school experience and appeal out to companies throughout various industries. 


What is a STEM MBA?

STEM MBA programs are becoming increasingly popular because of the increased benefits they provide to overseas students. Business educational programs are not technically classified as STEM courses. However, in recent times, US business schools have begun to offer STEM MBA programs in order to attract overseas students and to meet the rising need for managerial expertise in a tech-driven atmosphere from prominent corporations. A STEM MBA program focuses on developing business abilities with a focus on STEM applications. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM MBA programs are meant to improve students’ managerial skills and technical skills in synchrony, resulting in a new generation of business and technology-savvy executives. Accounting, business analytics, finance, economics, information technology, decision theory, law, marketing, statistics, management and strategy are among the subjects covered, and they provide entrepreneurial skills necessary for success in leadership positions.


Benefits of STEM MBA programs

These programs combine business and technical skills. As a result, STEM MBA graduates find work in specialized domains such as technology and analytics. Benefits of STEM MBA are as follows:

  • Rising employment opportunities:

Data analytics and business skills will become even more integrated as more firms use statistics to make informed business decisions. As a result of this trend, businesses will require graduates who are both business and analytics savvy. STEM MBA grads will become the ones to fill the gap as demand grows, implying endless employment opportunities for STEM MBA graduates.

  • STEM MBA students are eligible for a 36-month OPT:

After graduation, STEM MBA graduates will be able to take advantage of the OPT extension period. A regular graduate receives a 12-month OPT (optional practical training), whereas STEM graduates receive a 36-month OPT. OPT allows overseas students to stay and work in the specified industry to gain the required practical training after they graduate. Employers are not required to sponsor OPT recruits, therefore corporations will be much more willing to hire an OPT employee with the potential of three years of eligibility rather than the 12 months for non-STEM graduates. The  MBA STEM students will have a longer opportunity to learn new practical skills while building a network and taking advantage of leadership development and job search tools owing to the OPT extension.


Are you a good fit for a STEM MBA program?

The following criteria can be used to determine if you are a good fit for the program:

  • STEM MBA programs combine business and analytics studies. They are concentrating on developing business skills through data science. Unfortunately, not every MBA candidate will come from a technical educational background, making this program less appealing for them. 
  • Furthermore, some applicants will be looking for a more general management degree, and a STEM MBA may not be the best fit for those. As a result, before enrolling in a STEM MBA program, students should be familiar with the technical and science-based coursework.
  • When determining your suitability for a STEM MBA program, keep in mind that some are developed primarily for students who specialized in a STEM discipline as undergraduates or are presently STEM professionals. Thus, you should carefully evaluate the requirements of the college you are applying for.


Careers after STEM MBA Program

A STEM MBA can prepare you for long-term career advancement in a variety of industries and job functions, rather than generalising you into one. The following list of career opportunities can be considered but is surely not limited:

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Architectural and Engineering Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Management Analyst


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