Counselling for Schools

Institutional Support for High Schools

We have been working as college admission advisors with Modern School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi since 2015 and have helped over 750 children achieve their college dreams. We have been mentoring all high school students on all aspects of their educational journey, and specifically the application process across global universities.

We are experienced in setting up the college guidance counselling infrastructure.

Our College Admission Counselling Services for High Schools includes

  • Sharing tools with grade 9 and 10 students to understand personal values, interests, and aptitude and how those can be built upon with relevant activities (academic and non-academic)
  • Assistance with psychometric assessments and making subject choices
    Helping students identify their educational goals
  • Organizing university fairs and related sessions throughout the school calendar
    Relationship building with universities and colleges around the world
  • Assisting grade 11 and 12 students with all aspects of the college application process including drawing timelines, university shortlisting, essay review, resume review, scholarships advice, interview preparation
  • Conducting workshops with students to enlighten them about various education systems, how to research universities, how to write essays and resumes, and acquaintance with various application platforms
  • Organizing and sending all school related documents to universities including letters of recommendation
  • Writing the school profile

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