Should you apply in Round 3 of MBA Programs?

The deadlines for Round 3 are quickly approaching! While the ultimate round is the most dangerous part of the application process, it exists for a reason. The admission committee primarily uses it to admit exceptional students who bring something unique to their classes. As the rounds move forwards, the possibility of acceptance declines. This implies that MBA acceptance rates in round 3 are substantially lower than in rounds 1 and 2. Correspondingly, grants and scholarships become more difficult to achieve in the admissions process in the last round. This is not to say that you should not apply. If you do not apply, your chances of approval are obviously nil. If you do, they are higher than 0 (though not by much). Read on to know what factors we should consider to make the final call.


Why are you really applying?

Are you attempting to apply because you were rejected by your Round 2 schools, or that you were truly unprepared before? It is critical to demonstrate genuine preparedness in Round 3. Some of the finest Round 3 applicants go so far as to articulate clearly what is happening in their professional lives. It could be a significant merger, a life-changing event, or a conflict that hampered the enrollment process. No explanation is too brief, but it must be genuine and honest. If you have a valid reason for applying in Round 3, this is the round for you. Don’t waste another second! But if you are just applying because you were not accepted by other schools and are actually prepared for this one, you better not apply!


Do you have the X factor in you?

As previously mentioned, the admission committee primarily uses round 3 to admit exceptional students who bring something unique to their classes and something they have been looking for desperately. If you are a truly extraordinary candidate in terms of statistics, diversity, experience, and so on, you must apply to R3/R4. Not everybody is rejected, and if anyone gets in, it will be the candidates with the most impressive resumes. Make sure you have time to write flawless essays before the R3 deadline. It is far preferable to wait until you can offer up something close to perfect rather than rushing and submitting a clumsy essay early.


Which school Are You Applying for?

Recognize your target school. Because HBS no longer does have a Round 3 deadline, this is a no-brainer. Other top MBA programs have packed their class with a fiercely competitive pool of applicants; they are looking for the final few admissions who will demonstrate a clear fit with both the school’s learning environment. Know the size of the class as well as the nature of the program to which you are trying to apply. Full-time programs at the top 10-15 American business schools seem to be statistically the most tricky to get into during Round 3. Many of these programs admit roughly 90% of their classes in Rounds 1 and 2, so they don’t expect to admit numerous Round 3 candidates. So, make sure you clearly evaluate the school needs and expectations. 


Do you not mind giving it a chance?

Clearly saying if you don’t mind spending some extra funds, time, as well as energy to apply now, get turned down, and then reapply during R1 of next application season, you truly wouldn’t have much to lose by trying this year. In real sense, if you’re lucky enough to even get feedback if you are by chance being rejected for this round 3, that feedback will be extremely useful when you reapply the following year.


Final Thoughts

Putting together such a great b-school application is a hard thing, so before you cram to meet the Round 3 deadline, make absolutely sure your efforts will pay off. However, schools do not penalize re-applicants, so if you want to proceed and it does not work out, you can try again during the fall. Finally, it’s critical to have a backup plan in case things don’t go as planned. If round 3 doesn’t work out such a season, remember that you can reapply to those schools—as well as some new ones—the following year.  Best wishes!

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