Indian School of Business (ISB) Essay tips for 2020 – 2021

In the series of its essays, ISB looks for three primary attributes when considering prospects for admission, according to people’s experiences: influential leadership, excellent analytical skills, and the capacity to collaborate. So, students need to make sure they devote their appropriate time describing how they are suitable for the candidacy. Read on to know more about the essays.

ISB has two essay topics for the 2021 admissions and these are: 

ISB Essay 1:

Describe with examples the most important personal quality that you possess which significantly enhances your prospects of being successful as a leader? (400 words max)

This year’s first essay prompt from ISB is to identify your one-of-a-kind “most important” personal attribute that you contribute to the numerous qualities that the class as a whole will possess. ISB has a demanding academic environment that wants you to go out of your comfort zone and explore your leadership talents. You can follow the given structure:

This question encourages applicants to describe when they were in a leadership position and had a significant influence while overcoming hurdles and learning something that would aid them in future incidents. The action plan that you can follow for this question is as follows:

  • Jot down all the experiences where you think you led your team, all of your leadership experiences you can think of!
  • Now, going precisely through the list, keep the ones which actually created some impact on the team or the company somehow.
  • Next step is to see which experience can be elaborated well, have more stories and examples to support it and which one has led to a more impactful leadership. This will help you decide the ones that you want to go for. 
  • Lastly, know the structure of your essay! For this I would suggest (Challenge – Action – Results) framework. Start with the challenges that your team was facing, afterwards describe your action-plan. Then, jot down what the results were! 
  • Handling an uncooperative team member or supervisor, making a choice based on incomplete information, persuading someone, administering a new project, meeting deadlines, and managing a client’s expectations are just a few examples.
  • The Admissions Committee wants to learn more about you and your distinct personality, as well as how it may benefit the ISB community. Tell them how you intend to make a difference.

You might use experiences from your personal or professional experiences as examples of leadership. 


ISB Essay 2:

What are your short term and long-term career goals? How will the Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals? (400 words max)

This is a career objective question focused on why you should attend ISB and how it will help you attain your goals. Your course of action for this essay can be as follows:

  • You must outline your professional ambitions in this essay and briefly explain why they are realistic for you in the context of your career progression to date. Keep in mind that this question is simply both for short and long-term goals, so make sure you answer your short term goals considering your long-term route in mind. Your short-term goal profession should ideally transition to your long-term goal career, and an MBA degree is required for both courses. 
  • Then you must consider how you will use and engage with ISB’s resources to seek and achieve your objectives. Look for meaningful connections between your interests and goals and the things you plan to engage in, not just a few program options. 
  • Make sure you list down the things both ways i.e. how ISB’s resources will help you attain your goals, and on the other side how will you help ISB’s community to grow and prosper. You’re basically breaking things down into a give-and-take scenario. 

You will be able to answer this question fully and confidently if you conduct thorough research about your career path and the possibilities available at ISB.


Reapplicant Essay

Please use this space to explain significant improvements in your profile since your last application to the ISB PGP.

This is your best chance to show the school that you did some introspection to get a new viewpoint and that you improved your candidacy by reorganizing. In your previous application, you stated certain career objectives. Did you take use of professional initiatives and personality opportunities to help you achieve your stated career objectives? Did you analyse what went wrong, consult with alumni and various professionals, and try to improve your status this year? Were you inclined to challenge yourself and retry the GMAT if your performance wasn’t good enough?

You have to show your sustained interest in ISB by describing how you have improved your skills and yourself since your previous submission. GMAT results or new quantitative classes, for example, are particularly relevant and convincing. Make sure to reflect your ability to receive feedback and improve when you outline your adjustments. After examining your strengths and shortcomings, describe how you approached the reapplication process. It’s also a good idea to describe your attempts to improve.


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