Harvard MBA Essay tips and deadlines for 2023 – 2024

Application essays can have a huge impact on the admission panel’s decision. These are the total game changers. We need to keep ourselves prepared beforehand for in-depth writing. Draft, revise, write, revise, edit, and proofread essays at least 2-3 times. These application essays plan an essential part of your selection, make sure you give them an ample amount of time. Now, let’s see how MentorMpact can help you write Harvard’s essays. 


Harvard Introduced Word Limit This Year

Harvard Business School explained the word limit this way:

We have heard from some applicants that, without a word limit, sometimes questions (and stress) arise about the “right” word length. We hope that including a limit provides applicants with a little more direction and eliminates the stress about how much is too much to write.

Do you need to submit 900 words? No, certainly not. Successful applicants may share what they wish to in 500 or 700 words, for example, or go up to 900.


The Harvard MBA essay question for the class of 2026 also remains the same as the previous ones and the tips for the same are: 

Essay Question:

As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program?  (900 words max.)

We think you know what guidance we’re going to give here. Don’t overthink, overcraft and overwrite. Just answer the question in clear language that those of us who don’t know your world can understand.

The purpose of this essay is to get to know yourself, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, your skill set and most importantly your presentation skill. Your goal is to show that you are a good fit for Harvard Business School and to prove your worth you have to explain two ways – How will school help you achieve your goals and How you will be an asset for the school. Both of the questions to be responded to are of huge importance. To write them in right way, you can follow these techniques:

  • Make sure you have done proper research about the school and know what school offers and what it expects from the candidate. Be prepared with the curriculum and other important facts about the school that can influence your decision.
  • Harvard’s clear mission is, “We educate leaders who make a difference in the world.” So, make sure you present yourself as a leader with realistic and planned goals. We are not asking you to be fake and lie about your skill set, in fact that will be a straight no from us; we are asking you to be a bit more presentable in what you have written.
  • Try to consider all other areas of your application: what stories does your resume tell? What do you expect the recommenders to say? What does your transcript say about your abilities, accomplishments, and passions? Then try to elaborate them in a significant way that can highlight your growth.
  • Last but not the least, try to list down Harvard’s resources that will help you and simultaneously make a list on how you will help the Harvard community to grow. You’re basically breaking things down into a give-and-take scenario.

In essays, HBS emphasises brevity. Don’t go overboard. Instead, concentrate on writing that in a concise and straightforward way. 

Because it is open-ended and has no word limit, the Harvard MBA essay is difficult. With infinite room to write your thoughts, you’ll be tempted to make a never-ending list of everything intriguing or achievements you’ve ever done till now. That impulse can backfire. Make sure you write a compelling and relevant essay that can help you finalise your seat in the Harvard class. 


MBA Application Deadlines:

This year, the Harvard Business School admissions committee has two rounds of deadlines for applicants interested in joining the HBS Class of 2026. Applicants must submit their applications (including references) by 12:00 PM Eastern Time on the day of each deadline to be considered for a round. 

Round Application Deadline Decision Notification
Round 1 September 6, 2023 December 6, 2023
Round 2 January 3, 2024 March 27, 2024

Applications received after September 6, 2023 will be considered in Round 2. Applications received after January 3, 2024 will not be considered. Please note that each “round” represents a distinct period in which you may apply, not a succession of steps for your application. You may apply in one round only, one time in an application year.

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