Cornell – Johnson College of Business MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines for 2022 – 2023


Application essays can have a huge impact on the admission panel’s decision. These are the total game changers. We need to keep ourselves prepared beforehand for in-depth writing. Draft, revise, write, revise, edit, and proofread essays at least 2-3 times. Set your strategy prior to the time when you actually begin writing on the Cornell MBA application essay and goal statement. Then, figure out which Cornell program you’re most interested in. Do some thorough school research. This entails looking at the professors, coursework, and career options. Examine your background and objectives to determine what is the most important to include in your stories. Read on to know more about Cornell’s essays. 


Goals Statement

A statement of your goals will begin a conversation that will last throughout the admissions process and guide your steps during the MBA program and experience. To the best of your understanding today, please share your short and long term goals by completing the following sentences and answering the enclosed short answer question (350 words maximum):

Immediately post-MBA, my goal is to work as a(n) [Role] at [Company] within [Industry].

  • Targeted Job Role:
  • Target Job Company:
  • Industry:

In 5–10 years post-MBA, my goal is to work as a(n) [Role] at [Company] within [Industry].

  • Targeted Job Role:
  • Target Job Company:
  • Industry:

How has your experience prepared and encouraged you to pursue these goals?


Tips for writing:

This short answer question will allow you to quickly cover the relevant career aspirations questions for your Cornell MBA application. Please ensure your responses are clear and transparent with those of your recommenders. You can briefly explain how your former experiences have led you to your goals once you’ve selected your industry, company, and role in the short and long term. Then consider the crucial times in your work and how they trained you for the next step or assisted you in realising your dreams.



At Cornell, our students and alumni share a desire to positively impact the organizations and communities they serve. Taking into consideration your background, how do you intend to make a meaningful impact on an elite MBA community? (350 words maximum)

The first step in addressing this question is to conduct a thorough research. Consider programs, extracurricular activities, and the ways in which students may engage. Johnson University also features student clubs for a variety of interests, as well as professional clubs for every imaginable career path. You can use all these facts as a staircase to write your answer.

Then you must consider how you will use and engage with Cornell’s resources to seek and achieve your objectives. Look for meaningful connections between your interests and goals and the things you plan to engage in, not just a few program options. To do this efficiently, you can work on a paper and draw a line down the middle, on the left, you’ll find a list of Cornell resources that will help you. And on the right side, how will you help the Cornell elite community? You’re basically breaking things down into a give-and-take scenario.



You may use this essay to call attention to items needing clarification and to add additional details to any aspects of your application that do not accurately reflect your potential for success at Johnson (350 words maximum).

If you do decide to write an optional essay, make it as brief as possible concentrating solely on the issues that affect you and your decision to join the school. Remember, it’s preferable to discuss the problem briefly before demonstrating how you solved it. The optional essay is an excellent chance to address any concerns you may have about your application. Following points can be considered here:

  • Unexplained gaps in job experience
  • Recommender selection
  • Inconsistent or questionable academic performance
  • Areas of weakness
  • Disciplinary action in undergrad
  • Finally, talk about how you want to keep the momentum going.


Re-applicants Essay

If you are reapplying for admission, please use this essay to indicate how you have strengthened your application and candidacy since the last time you applied for admission. Please also review our Admissions Policy for additional information about re-applying (350 words maximum).

Here, you should show your sustained interest in Cornell by describing how you have improved your application since your previous submission. 

  • This essay is ideal for applicants who want to showcase another talent, hobby, or experience that he/she has acquired in the previous one/two year. But remember, the key is displaying how SIGNIFICANTLY you’ve changed, not just THAT you’ve changed in some way. 
  • You have to make the admission panel realize what skills you have gained and how you have worked on your weaknesses that were the reason for your rejection the previous time. Concentrate on the areas where you have progressed since your last application. 
  • Elaborate on whether you’ve taken additional classes, improved your GMAT score, have been promoted, led a new and exciting project, increased your community activity, taken on a personal challenge, or defined your goals, the idea is to show that you’ve grown as a candidate. 


Cornell – Johnson Business School MBA Deadlines 2022 – 2023

Applications should be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

  • Round 1: September 22, 2022
  • Round 2: January 10, 2023
  • Round 3: April 11, 2023


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