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Round 1 versus Round 2

Should you apply for an MBA in Round 1 or Round 2? Before we get into if Round 1 is better than Round 2, or vice-versa, it is important to understand how Top B-Schools and MBA Programs evaluate candidates and offer admissions. It is important for each program to maintain a healthy diversity when it […]

College Insights: Duke

I’d like to thank my dear friend Kartikay Goel, a current engineering student at Duke, for his precious insight that allowed me to create this resource. Academic Life The university has a large undergraduate population, and a class sizes can vary, with introductory classes generally being the largest. The institution has a strong research focus […]

What do colleges care most about?

During my few years as a college guidance counselor, the one aspect that has captured my mind the most and that I consider being the very premise of the college application process is this most fundamental question: what do colleges really care about in an applicant? I would often hear admissions officers saying, rather emphatically, […]