Berkeley Haas School of Business MBA Essays Tips and Deadlines for 2022 – 2023

Haas is a forward-thinking school with progressive values. Haas is more inclined than its peer group to take into account unusual candidates who could lack a few conventional qualifications but demonstrate strong reasons for pursuing an MBA and also have an inspirational story about what they’ve accomplished in their lives. If you really want a school that goes above and beyond to attract a diverse student body, Haas should be on your list. 

Berkeley-Haas looks for a variety of factors, including academic ability, strong letters of recommendation, and an interview that demonstrates fit, determination, and resiliency. Other important aspects of the Haas admission criteria are extracurricular activities involvement and leadership. Haas encourages its students to be engaged in their cultures and actually wants applicants to have earlier been involved in their cultures. Berkeley Haas MBA demands the following prompts from its candidates:


What makes you feel alive when you are doing it, and why? (300 words maximum)

For so many years, Haas MBA enrollments have been asked innovative and open-ended questions. As a first step for this essay, consider activities that you find absolutely fascinating, such as creative pursuits, sports, or artsy pursuits, or an activity at a job that you find totally captivating. It should disclose something subjective and should go beyond your resume. After you’ve identified a meaningful activity, you must explain why it’s impactful. For instance, perhaps you enjoy writing projects. You enjoy solving problems at work and having the freedom to follow the dilemma wherever it leads. Take into account whether you like research and writing because it enables you to be imaginative or solve problems. Investigate your motivations to determine what is motivating you.

Your personality should come through, and introspection and honesty should pervade the entire collection of your thought process. Try brainstorming for a few days to come up with new ideas. Inquire about your friends and family about the ideals they hold and then draft edit and revise a few times to get the perfect version. 


What kind of leader do you aspire to be, and why? (300 words max)

This essay has developed to be more forward-thinking than previous years. Begin by learning about Haas’s leadership style. Haas has established a set of leadership principles. Question the Status Quo, Confidence without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself are the fundamental principles. Leadership, according to Haas, is both inclusionary and courageous. In addition, Haas places a premium on innovation, society, and collaboration. Consider your personal understanding of leadership. How has that concept changed over time? What would your leadership principles look like if you could have to define them? Helping, for example, could be a core form of self – expression. And maybe for you, leadership entails driving your team’s growth. Make sure you consider examples from both personal as well as professional lives. Finally, take into account how Haas will assist you in developing your leadership abilities. During this moment, you might have to conduct virtual research or you may be able to visit the campus. In either case, blog posts and class listings can provide information about specific courses, professors, clubs, and activities. Consider connectivity with former and present students to talk about personal perspectives.


Optional Information: 

– We invite you to help us better understand the context of your opportunities and achievements.

– This section should only be used to convey relevant information not addressed elsewhere in your application. This may include explanation of employment gaps, academic aberrations, supplemental coursework, etc. You are encouraged to use bullet points where appropriate.

This optional essay gives you the opportunity to explain anything which is unclear in your application. Furthermore, any explanation should also include the reasons why you will excel in your college programs at THE MBA PROGRAM. Finally, keep in mind that you should never use the optional essay if the information in your application is self-explanatory.

  • You may use this place to highlight any extenuating circumstances that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider (e.g. unexplained gaps in job experience, recommender selection, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, areas of weakness, etc.). 
  • This may include current or past gaps in employment, further explanation of your undergraduate record or self-reported academic transcript(s), plans to retake the GMAT, GRE, Executive Assessment, IELTS or TOEFL, or any other relevant information.
  • Disciplinary action in undergrad could also be an important topic. Begin by simply and briefly stating the problem. Then, illustrate how you’ve improved and addressed any concerns using evidence. 
  • Furthermore, if you have a gap in your work experience, this is the spot to fill it. As a result, describe what you’ve been doing during the break. Also, take the time to explain rather than excuse.
  • Finally, talk about how you want to keep the momentum going.


Berkeley Haas MBA Application Deadlines 2022 – 2023

Round Application Deadline Decision Notification
Round 1 September 22, 2022 December 15, 2022
Round 2 January 5, 2023 March 23, 2023
Round 3 April 6, 2023 May 11, 2023


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