A Comprehensive Guide To MBA By Harvard

A Comprehensive Guide To MBA By Harvard Business School (HBS)

Harvard Business School (HBS) founded in 1908 is largely regarded as the best business school in the world. HBS was the first institution in the world to grant a Masters in Business Administration and is the preeminent business school because of its supreme admission standards, exceptional job placement in top organisations in PE, VC, management consulting, technology, healthcare, and other sectors, remarkable roster of alumni in important positions, and outstanding teaching quality. Not to mention the endowment is $3,800,000,000 and still increasing), contributes to the program’s constant progress.

As a result, it’s no surprise that getting into HBS is extremely challenging. With so many great applicants, having “decent” work experience, GMAT scores, and application essays are unlikely to result in admission to HBS. In truth, many outstanding applicants will be denied from HBS each year to fight the huge competition, despite the fact that they are totally qualified to attend the program.

Harvard Business School, with its rich history and global prestige, stands at the forefront of business education. Its MBA program is designed not just to impart knowledge, but to fundamentally shape the global business landscape through its alumni. This guide aims to explore the multifaceted dimensions of the HBS MBA, offering prospective students a comprehensive look into what makes this program a transformative journey.

Mission and Vision

The Harvard Business School has long been regarded as the top most renowned institution in the world, consistently ranking at the top of most rankings. Harvard’s clear mission and vision is, “We educate leaders who make a difference in the world.”. Here, each element of the School’s mission—to educate leaders who make a difference in the world—is infused with meaning.

  • Leaders: It entails realising that you are a true leader only once you have won others’ trust and when people acknowledge you as such, whether in your organisation or in your community.
  • Make a Difference: People who make a difference are those who provide genuine value for society before claiming value. It’s worth mentioning that there are a variety of methods to make a positive difference: as an investor, a general manager, an entrepreneur, or a community member.
  • In the World: The phrase “in the world” represents a grasp of a rapidly changing, dynamic environment, as well as the notion that many of the world’s most pressing challenges will necessitate a worldwide approach. Furthermore, it entails accepting the belief that the world urgently requires more leaders to handle its most pressing and difficult problems, and that nearly none of these issues can be solved without the participation of corporate leaders.


HBS faculty members who are well-known as exceptional educators, breakthrough researchers, and award-winning authors produce and teach Executive Education programmes. To improve debates and learning, extra excellent faculty members from Harvard and other world-class universities are brought in for specific programmes. Distinguished CEOs of top organisations are included as guest speakers on some programmes. Harvard faculty members are intellectual leaders in their fields, with achievements acknowledged across disciplines. Faculty members act as research mentors, Resident Fellows, freshman advisors, and internship sponsors, among other responsibilities. The professors are well-known in the worldwide business community. They are knowledge creators who are dedicated to conducting leading-edge research in their disciplines. Here is the list of Harvard’s faculty.


Programs Offered

Harvard offers a full-time MBA in general management, executive programs, and doctoral programs. Harvard Business School has developed many dual degree programmes with Harvard University graduate schools to train students for difficult leadership issues that blend expertise with effective management abilities. There’s also an online certificate programme for company professionals, including MBA graduates, who want to improve their analytics skills. Harvard Business School, the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences have collaborated to offer the curriculum. Here is the full list of all programs offered by HBS. 


Academic Structure

At the heart of the HBS experience is its rigorous academic structure, distinguished by the case method. This pedagogical approach immerses students in real-world business scenarios, requiring them to analyze, debate, and decide on complex business issues. The first year is grounded in a core curriculum that builds a broad foundation of business knowledge, while the second year offers a wealth of electives, allowing students to tailor their educational journey to their personal and professional interests.

Curriculum also gives students the opportunity to try out new classes. There are 120 courses available in the Harvard MBA programme, covering a wide range of topics. Students can take any combination of classes or choose up to five electives per semester. Here is the full list of courses offered by HBS. The HBS MBA prepares students for a career in general management. 

Despite the fact that HBS does not offer distinct majors, students can choose from 10 different topic areas for their second-year electives: 

  • Accounting and Management
  • Entrepreneurial Management 
  • Business, Government & the International Economy 
  • General Management
  • Finance
  • Negotiation, Organizations & Markets
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Technology & Operations Management
  • Strategy
  • Experiential Learning Programs


Admissions Process

The admissions process at HBS is holistic and competitive, seeking candidates who demonstrate leadership potential, strong academic capabilities, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Essays, recommendations, and interviews are crucial components, offering applicants the opportunity to showcase their uniqueness and how they align with HBS’s values.


Program Costs and Financial Aid

An HBS MBA is a significant investment in one’s future. While tuition and associated costs are substantial, HBS is committed to making education accessible to all admitted students. The school offers a robust financial aid program, including need-based scholarships, fellowships, and loan options, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds can attend. You can grasp further information here


Scholarship and financial aids

According to reports, 55% of students receive need-based Harvard Scholarships. A combination of scholarship (grant) funds, student employment, and any prospective outside rewards make up your financial aid package. Loans are never necessary, but they are offered to families who are interested. When you apply for financial aid at Harvard, they combine a variety of resources to form a unique help package that meets your demonstrated need. Scholarship funds and student employment, as well as any funds you’ve received from outside sources, may be included. For those who are interested, parent and student loans are also accessible. Their fellowships are intended to cover 100% of your demonstrated financial need because Harvard is dedicated to affordability. You can grasp full information here


Student Life

Life at HBS extends far beyond the classroom. The campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities and housing options, fostering a vibrant community. Students can engage with over 100 clubs and organizations, participate in leadership and innovation labs, and enjoy the cultural and professional opportunities that Boston offers.

HBS offers a wide range of extracurricular activities like sports, clubs, and other student-organized events. The social environment at HBS is as diverse, engaging, and interesting as its student body. Student-led clubs and activities in HBS allow students to become more aware and involved in topics and potential career choices. A number of clubs, including symposia, speaker series, career panels and treks, skill development seminars, and networking events, focus on the link between business and the environment or incorporate environmental themes into their services. Student groups influence the HSB MBA experience in a variety of ways. They cater to a variety of interests, including social, cultural, athletic, and professional. Student clubs at HSB are a great opportunity to develop soft skills, create networks, learn management and leadership, encourage teamwork, corporate insights and many more. Here is the list for the amazing student clubs of HSB


Career Development

Career prospects for HBS graduates are exceptional, with a dedicated career services team that supports students in achieving their professional goals. The school’s global alumni network further enhances job search and career development opportunities, making an HBS MBA a gateway to leadership positions in various industries worldwide.


Alumni Network

The HBS alumni network is unparalleled in its size, diversity, and engagement level. This global community provides a lifetime of support, advice, and opportunities, reinforcing the value of the HBS MBA throughout one’s career. Every year, a HBS reunion is conducted on campus, and alumni clubs host several global forums. Among HBS’s graduates are Andy Jassy, Bill Ackman, Mark Albion, Joseph L. Badaracco, Rahul Bajaj, Raymond W. Baker, Jim Balsillie, Steve Bannon, Ratan Tata, Guy Berruyer and many more. 


Unique Aspects of HBS

What sets HBS apart is its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, its global outlook on business education, and its dedication to innovation and leadership in the field. The school’s initiatives, such as the FIELD program, exemplify its approach to experiential learning, preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing global business environment.


Challenges and Considerations

Prospective students should carefully consider the workload, competitive atmosphere, and financial investment associated with the program. However, the rewards—personal, professional, and financial—can be immense, making the HBS MBA an investment worth considering.



The Harvard MBA program offers more than just a degree; it’s a transformative experience that prepares leaders who make a difference in the world. With its rigorous academic program, supportive community, and unmatched global network, HBS remains a pinnacle of business education. For those aspiring to lead and innovate in the business world, HBS offers the tools, resources, and community to turn aspirations into impactful realities.


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