10 reasons to love BABSON COLLEGE

1. The school only offers one degree (Bachelor of Science), but students may choose from 27 concentration areas that include business discipline stalwarts like accounting, marketing and finance but also unique areas like historical and political studies, environmental sustainability and literary and visual arts. Students get a base of liberal arts education (at least 50% of your classes will be in liberal arts), but the hallmark of the program from the get-go is [its] trademarked Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® [methodology].

2. 100 % of first-year students at Babson start a business through the year-long Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship course (FME). During your first year at Babson, you’ll invent, develop, launch, and manage a business. Yes, a real business. The class goes on the entire year, and students are split into teams of 10 students and the College loans up to $3,000 as startup money for each business. The ideas for the businesses are all yours and, whether you’re selling a tangible product or providing a service, you’re encouraged to think about how your business meets a human need. Teams establish a partnership with a local social services agency, emphasizing the importance of corporate social responsibility. Collectively, each team donates 80 hours of community service, plus all profits from their business, to that organization.

3. Babson also boasts some of the most robust and engaging centers and institutes. The highlight is the Arthur Blank Center for Entrepreneurship. The Center is home to the school’s accelerator and multiple entrepreneurship programs. Babson also features a center focused on women’s entrepreneurial studies, the arts, investments and finance, social entrepreneurship, and retail supply chain.

4. One of the misconceptions that students have is wanting to go to Babson because they want to become an entrepreneur. It is not necessary that you attend and then start a business. They have a lot of students who are interested in business but know that they are not creative enough to think of the next big thing, and would rather work at Goldman Sachs. The thing about entrepreneurship – is that it is a mindset. It’s about applying creative and outside-the-box thinking to problems, even if it is not the most established idea. Babson has students who after their degree spend their entire career in consulting, banking or accounting. What differentiates Babson is the ability to think differently, and that is what entrepreneurship means there. It means developing the entrepreneurial mindset.

5. They also have a BRIC program, where students spend a semester dividing their time between Russia, India and China, doing factory tours, taking classes and spending time with a professor who is an expert in that region.

6. You can pursue and discover new interests with courses such as crowd funding, case studies in business analytics, platforms, clouds and networks.

7. You can meet and learn from the neighbours (Cross register to take classes at Wellesley College and the Olin College of Engineering)

8. All Babson students are internship ready after their first year itself.

9. Babson College now offers accelerated path to an undergraduate degree in as little as three years.

10. Find the 10th reason by visiting their website at https://www.babson.edu/