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Why Unique
Mentor Impact
We are young and vibrant leaders with top academic credentials combined with industry experience spanning over 14 years. We have on board with us 15+ Ivy League mentors and former admissions associates; each providing their unique insights into the admissions process. Their knowledge will help you map your unique skills with the school's requirements in an impactful and focused way.

Personalized service

One size does not fit all. We are not here to apply a standard, fixed solution to every student application because we are not so business minded. If we feel that we will not be able to create value for you, we will not work with you. For the others, we will be personally involved to ask you the smartest questions, to assess you and to help you build your profile both inside and outside the classroom and then translate that into a compelling story that is successfully communicated across your applications. We will challenge you to raise the bar constantly.
Student centric approach
We work with the students and for the students. We truly care and strive to deliver better than our best in everything we do. We value the trust you put in us and we creatively partner with you to accomplish your dream school admission. This is our founding philosophy as well. One thing is the number of years of experience or having been through the process oneself but the ability to convey/communicate, to make your anxiety our own, to inspire you and to form that warm and wonderful rapport with you is what truly sets us apart. Our approach resonates true mentorship.




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