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What does an admissions consultant do?

We help students assess and discover themselves, search for colleges, fill out applications, find scholarships, and choose extracurricular activities that look good on resumes. We steer you toward colleges that are right for you by recommending colleges that fit with your academic record and career goals.

I am unsure if after meeting you, I would want to continue taking guidance from you?

We here at Mentor Mpact advocate your happiness. We encourage applicants to meet us and fill out a profile form and then understand if they are comfortable letting us be their consultants. We would want you to take an informed decision.

When should I start with the admissions process?

The summer of your eleventh grade is the ideal time to start. We can then help you build your profile both inside and outside the classroom.
If you start doing tasks — researching colleges, collecting ideas for application essays, making requests for recommendation letters — well ahead of time, you'll make it easier for us to give you timely answers when you need help

How often do we meet?

It is a good idea to meet or be in touch with us frequently. You will probably have questions about your college search, tests, and essays or maybe just want some advice. The more you know us, the better we can help you. That said we know that your busy school schedule would make frequent physical meetings difficult so we can also communicate through email, telephone or skype.

What role do the mentors play?

Our USP lies in our team that comprises alums and students from over 10 prestigious global schools who will partner with the applicants and their parents in successfully starting a life changing journey. The mentors will share their understanding of the admission processes, the requirements of each school, their experience as a student and valuable inputs to put together the best application.

How many colleges should I apply to?

Eight to ten colleges is the recommended number. They should all be colleges you would be happy to attend. It's good to apply to some colleges that are a bit of a stretch for you and some that you feel will likely admit you.

Should I apply early?

It depends. If you are sure about which college you want to attend, early decision or early action might be the best choice for you. If you are not sure, keep in mind that some early application plans require you to commit early. You may want to keep your options open.

Should I apply to colleges if my admission-test scores or grades are below their published ranges?

Yes. The admission scores and grades that colleges show on their websites are averages or ranges — not cut-offs. There are students at every college who scored lower (and higher) than the numbers shown. Remember that colleges consider many factors to get a more complete picture of you. For example, they look at your curriculum, your activities, recommendation letters, your essay and your overall character. Colleges are looking for all kinds of students with different talents, abilities and backgrounds.

How important are essays in the application process?

The college essay is a student's chance to really jump off the page and make admissions officers think, "Wow! We need that student at our school." It provides important information about you that is beyond marks and scores. At Mentor Mpact, we know what colleges look for in an applicant and we will work with you to refine your essays, ensuring that you put your best foot forward and bring out the uniqueness in your profile.

How important are extra curricular activities?

It's no coincidence that a good portion of most college applications inquire about a student's activities outside the classroom. Colleges want to know that you have a passion and are able to devote your efforts to something. Extracurricular activities can showcase your unique talents and help make you stand out from the rest. While grades and standardized test scores are the core of the application, what a student does on her own time can demonstrate another side of the individual that numbers alone won't show.

How important are rankings?

When you start looking into colleges and universities, it might be pretty overwhelming. As a result, you may resort to some of the most readily available criteria out there: college rankings. However, no ranking is ever going to incorporate every piece of information that might be significant to your decision making, so you better know exactly what is being ranked, and how that information was gathered and presented. We will help you figure out which elements matter most to you, and then guide you to rank schools based on those factors.

How can I take an appointment to see you?

You can email us at help@mentormpact.com or fill in the appointment form on the website
or call us at +91 9811 175 204 or +91 9810 571 839.





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