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Prateek Duggal
Babson Admit
I don’t think I would have got an admit without Mentor Mpact’s help. When I started the application process, with a clear focus on entrepreneurship, Babson was my dream school and I managed to achieve it only thanks to the guided support I received by my mentor at Mentor Mpact. Before starting work on the essays, the mentor helped me build an overall strategy for the application by understanding my profile and goals in detail. Thank you Mentor Mpact!

Hemant Bedi
ISB Admit

You were an excellent guide. Your clarity on what a B school expects in an application saved me time and effort I would have put in finding a reliable mentor/reviewer. Your profiling form was structured well and helped me figure out the right content for my application.

Nidhi Shah
(Fashion Management)

I came from a very unique background of jewellery designing and I wanted to make a shift to management while ensuring creativity remains intact. With the help of Mentor Mpact I managed to zero down on the school that closely met with my expectations and matched my profile.
In a very short span of time it was all sorted out and my application was completed fantastically. When I think about my essays I don't think it could have been a job better done!

Anirudh Singhal
Real Madrid University School (MBA Sports Management)

I was looking for a very unique program with specialisation in Sports Management. Mentor Mpact helped me brilliantly all through the process by shortlisting the best schools in that domain and helping me build my application accordingly. While most other consultants are very mechanical in their approach, what drew me to Mentor Mpact was the personalized support it offered. I would say that every penny I spent on Mentor Mpact was well worth it.

Karan Rao
NUS, Mays, and Olin Admit with Scholarship

Initially, I started working on the applications all by myself, as I didn't believe from heart that I needed a consulting service for B-school application. When I started with the application process at leading B-schools across the globe, the enormity of the process got to me. The extent to which I needed to look deep down inside me was more difficult than I thought. That's when I realized I needed some help.

I then started researching about the best B-school application consulting services in the online market. The best of them were US companies, and naturally were too heavy for my pocket. Then I started looking at cheaper ones, but most of them seemed too good to be true. Moreover, the companies offered to write essays for me, even the first drafts. This is a recipe for disaster.

I then bumped into the Mentor Mpact website, read some good reviews and opted for the Free profile evaluation. Within a couple of hours, Rashi called me, and had a discussion for about an hour on my profile, my dream schools, etc. She suggested ways to map my profile with the ideal applicants into my dream schools. That discussion was refreshing for me. I felt that Rashi was a guide I was looking for who can mentor me during the complex application process. I just checked the cost of the services, and seeing very nominal charges, decided to take the services of Mentor Mpact.

Rashi and my mentors were a calming influence on the entire application process. Having done an MBA from prestigious institutes, they knew the application process in and out. Besides, my mentors were from a similar pre-MBA background as I was, so they exposed me to perspectives that I could highlight the applications, most of them that I didn't feel even existed. Suddenly, I saw myself as a better MBA aspirant and the confidence showed in the applications and the interviews. With the help of Rashi and my mentors, writing good essays became second nature to me, and great applications came out. I got into NUS, my dream school, which I felt was difficult an year back.

I would strongly recommend Mentor Mpact to anyone who is serious about getting into prestigious global B-schools and is willing to put in the hard yards with the able and expert guidance of the mentors associated with Mentor Mpact.
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