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Dhiraj Jha
SDA Bocconi Admit

Rashi's contribution in my journey towards an MBA admission has been exemplary. When I started my GMAT preparation and the applications, I was almost lost. I didn’t know which way to go and how to go about it? Rashi not only understood my profile and requirements accurately but also extracted the best accordingly. Her expertise and accuracy in short listing schools for you can be best judged by the fact that I got shortlisted for 3 out of 4 schools where I applied.

She has this great ability to pick up pertinent things from your profile which you need to showcase. Being alumni of ISB is her added advantage as she knows exactly what the adcom is looking for in the essays of any school and how best you can portray yourself. Working with her on the essays was a great experience as it brought an improvement in my writing skills as well, and I learned the techniques to approach any essay or a question in an impressive way. Interactions with her expanded my horizons and helped me to improve my knowledge about MBA and the possible options available.

Another good thing about the course is its flexibility; she was available whenever I needed and she helped me in lot of other stuff also like doing research about some schools, with my resume, GMAT preparation and always eager to clear your doubts about anything regarding the application. Overall I would say, it was a great learning experience and I was really delighted and satisfied when I read my final essays. It improved my skills as well as knowledge.

Interview Package:
The interview course really helps to know which are the areas of your strength and weakness and I really learnt what amount of homework I needed to do before an interview. Sarang (my mentor) really directed me in the right way and his analysis and feedback helped me to understand what the schools are looking for and the dos and don’ts for any interview.

He has a great quality of attention to detail and really picked up even the minute loopholes from the mock interview and suggested tips to avoid them. The two mock interviews helped me to track my improvement and finally deliver my best in the final interview.

Ravi Chandrashekhar
ISB Admit

When I decided to go for an MBA, the decision to go with Mentor Mpact was not an easy one - a lot of options are there for someone looking for guidance for Admission. Ultimately however, I took the decision to go with Mentor Mpact because of Rashi's personal involvement with all the people who join - and it’s a decision I have never had to regret.

Mentor Mpact took over the entire process of application for me, understanding my profile, selecting my colleges and handling my whole application.

Because of this, I was free to prepare for GMAT and focus solely on getting a good score- a very important factor for me at the time since I was also working at the time.

While applying we went through each essay about 4 times - each time it sounded a little better than before. The end result, the final essay, I still believe was the best essay that I could have possibly written and it wouldn’t have been possible without Rashi's help.

Overall, I have had a wonderful experience with Mentor Mpact and I am very thankful to their expert advice and guidance which helped me get my admit into the ISB.

Nishant Jain
Schulich MBA Admit

Mentor Mpact gave me the confidence of being counselled by people who've 'been there, done that', and not just some great English writers. Rashi understands the significance of knowing the candidate well, and how each individual is different from another. Her thought-provoking approach helped me realize my strengths and portraying them suitably in my essays. From choosing the right B-Schools to editing applications, Rashi's mentoring helped me sound original and focused.

Mentor Mpact connected me to MBA Alumni and students from my target schools, and I could re-assess and refine my plans. While working with Rashi I always had the freedom of throwing-in my ideas, and then together we chose the best thoughts to frame a great essay. I feel happy about my decision of choosing Rashi and Mentor Mpact for guiding me through my applications, which made it a truly enriching experience and enabled me to derive results that were above my expectations till a few months ago.

- Your work-style never seemed commercial. You show true concern and responsibility towards your applicant. That's not easy and that's your USP.
- Individual attention towards each applicant.
- You were always patient, and listened without assumptions, to know me as a professional and as a person
- You were candid in discarding my thoughts / essay points, which helped me think better with each iteration. You did so even if we were running late, but the pressure made me work well.

Saurav Atri
ISB Admit

An extraordinary mentor and guide, Rashi Thakur has been my strength and support to help me through a process that has established me and helped me get into a B School of my dreams.

I have been a re-applicant for my MBA Admission at ISB. With a disappointing ding post the interview last year, I was destroyed and demoralized. I finally found my guiding light in Rashi. Her brilliant guidance, support and innovative intellectually probing technique helped me clear my MBA goals and prepared me for that perfect interview.

With the confidence instilled in me by Rashi, I got her support to prepare methodologically for my interview. She helped weed out the inefficiencies in my approach and made sure that this time I was ready to deliver on the interview stage.

And that I did. I made it through with ease. I would like to thank Rashi Thakur for her mentorship, guidance, support, and encouragement that has helped me achieve my dreams. She indeed in an impactful mentor at Mentor Mpact.

Wishing her and all of you a success in your endeavours.

Sumit Sachdeva
ISB and Nanyang Admit

This has been one of the best experiences that I had from Mentor Mpact. The way the entire counselling is planned and delivered is absolutely professional. This changes the way one thinks of his or her future in management education and hidden strengths of a person are brought to fore with in depth analysis and consultation. I don't have any doubt of a great and bright future for the organization.
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