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Vishaka Beriwala

I engaged with Mentor Mpact almost a year ago when I started planning for my higher studies. From short-listing schools to selecting the ideal school for my MBA, Rashi @ Mentor Mpact has been more than helpful.

I applied to ISB and ESADE in 2011, got interview calls for both schools and was given an offer letter from ESADE, which I have taken up for session 2012-13.

Mentor Mpact helped me through every phase of the application process - from framing my profile in an appropriate manner, writing my essays accurately and brainstorming for interview excellence. I would like to recommend the consultation services of Mentor Mpact to all aspiring MBA students.

Manasvi Maria
Richard Ivey School of Business

Once I was done with my GMAT, I was out on a lookout for MBA admission consultants. One of my friends recommended me to Mentor Mpact and after checking the website and a phone call, I was convinced that Mentor Mpact is the right place for me to take forward my application process.

The three main positive points about consultants at Mentor Mpact is that they keep things simple, they are alumni from international MBA programs, hence have industry insights and take the end to end ownership of the application process. This really helped me to work on the application process, specially because I was operating in a completely different time zone, under a strict time constraint, applying across geographies and I really wanted the consultant to understand my background well to help me reflect myself best in the application. With help from Mentor Mpact, I was able to apply to the colleges in time and convert them to interview calls and admit. I would highly recommend people pursuing MBA applications to go to Mentor Mpact.

Arvind Dharur
Erasmus University: RSM

Clearing my initial misconception that getting a score on the GMAT was not the toughest part of a B school application but what was more challenging was the entire application process itself: starting from choosing the right fit in terms of the B-School, region, alumni base, expertise in terms of specialisation preferred, to presenting a solid profile/application. An application requires precise solid essays coupled with a strong set of referrals, culminating in one whole package. Phew!!!! Thankfully I had professional guidance in the shape of Mentor Mpact throughout my journey to attaining an admit into a top European B school. From short listing of B schools w.r.t my profile, to countless brainstorming sessions for essays and numerous rounds of essay reviews, personal attention was given to make sure that I am able to present a stellar application.

I feel the difference lies in the fact that at Mentor Mpact you are guided by people who have gone through the same journey before you, and are well versed with what makes an application stand out. Combining knowledge and experience with special attention given to each candidate Mentor Mpact stands out in the otherwise money -minting attitude shown by other MBA admission consultants. I would like to thank Rashi Thakur and her entire team at Mentor Mpact for guiding me through this past one year, and eventually helping me present a winning application.

Anisha Rakyan
Indian School of Business

There is no doubt that working with Mentor Mpact dramatically improved my MBA application success and played an instrumental role in getting an ISB admit. I was not looking for an essay editor. I wanted someone who could advice me, and provide me with 1:1 guidance. This is exactly, what I got at Mentor Mpact. The process and feedback mechanism were helpful in challenging me to think honestly and critically about my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. If I had the process to do over again, I would make the same choice and work with Mentor Mpact.

Bakul Kampani
Indian School of Business

I was really sceptical about applying to ISB because of my really low GMAT score, but Rashi assured me that GMAT score was only one attribute to my application. Rashi really helped me think through my story again, position my strengths in the best possible way, and make a succinct essay. All of my and Rashi's efforts paid off when I got my interview call, which was an unexpected (yet pleasant) surprise for me.

Even post getting an interview call, Mentor Mpact helped me connect with Sarang (my mentor) who helped me prepare for my final interview and the Interview Guide provided by Mentor Mpact helped me structure interview answers for all possible questions expected for my ISB interview.

To sum it all up, my experience with Mentor Mpact was excellent and the fact that Rashi actually sat with me in person, rather than just have a telephonic conversation, really helped me a lot! The personal interaction with Rashi gave me the confidence I needed to build my story and also gave me the confidence to trust Rashi to come up with a good application.

Best of Luck to Rashi and other members of MentorMpact.
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