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How important are essays in the MBA admission process?

The admissions committee wants to understand you better and essays are the most effective tool in showcasing all your facets and substantiating your candidature. Your essays have a huge role to play in setting you apart from the other hundreds of candidates with similar profiles. At Mentor Mpact, our mentors with deep knowledge of all B-schools will work closely with you to refine your essays, ensuring that you put your best foot forward and bring out the uniqueness in your profile.

Who will review my application at Mentor Mpact?

At Mentor Mpact we ensure personalized guidance at every level. To sketch a trajectory for a successful candidacy your application will be reviewed by mentors who are either alums or current students from the most competitive global business schools. Our mentors have deep understanding about each B-school’s requirements and will help you map your unique skills with these.

How will the communication happen?

Various modes of interaction are used depending on your preference and convenience to mentors. Email exchanges, detailed telephonic discussions, face to face and skype video calls are regularly opted channels of interaction.

How long does it usually take to complete 1 application?

Typically, candidates spend anywhere between 50-60 hours on their first application and 30-40 hours for subsequent applications.

How many reviews does an essay typically take?

Typically each essay takes 2-3 iterations however the number of rounds of reviews vary from case to case. Mentors at Mentor Mpact do not put any cap to the number of iterations as the single point focus is on generating high quality essays.

Is the theme of the essays same for all applicants taking help from Mentor Mpact and applying to the same B-school?

At Mentor Mpact we tailor each application differently depending upon an individual’s skills, background, etc and try to map these with each B-school’s requirements. Our constant endeavour is to help each candidate distinguish oneself from others and build his/her own story.

I am interested in a school that none of your listed mentors have been a part of. Can you help me?

Mentor Mpact will guide you with regards to entry into any business school. Because our mentors are from the most competitive global business schools and have a huge network of people from different business schools they know what strategies will prove successful at other schools too.

What is the mode of making payments?

We accept payments through cash, cheque or online transfers.





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