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Gaurav Thakur
NYU Stern School of Business, UCLA Anderson ($50,000 scholarship) and CMU Tepper

I have had a long relationship with Mentor Mpact, right from the time when I first applied to B-Schools last year to my final selection in Anderson, Tepper and Stern this year. I found them be very professional, candid and candidate centric in their approach. If I were to call out one, "Individual Attention" would be their biggest strengths.

Additionally they have a very good team. I found them to be quite knowledgeable, analytical and forthright in their feedback. Rashi herself is quite pro-active and helped me in everything from essays, to resume, to any tiny doubt on the actual application.

I truly believe that for the quality of services offered, Mentor Mpact provides the best value for money. Mentor Mpact also has a very good interview package, which I found to be extremely helpful.

Rachit Bedi
London Business School, NYU Stern School of Business and ISB

I applied to 3 top business schools, got interview calls from all and 2 final admission calls. Mentor Mpact was strongly recommended to me by a friend who vouched for Rashi’s commitment and personalized attention to work.

Rashi’s structured approach to the MBA application process helps you identify your strengths, package your story in a unique way and present it in a compelling way to admission committees. When I first started the application process I was nervous and not sure if I should be aiming at the top schools. Rashi instilled both confidence and clarity in me. I strongly recommend Rashi and Mentor Mpact to all MBA aspirants..

Vidhi Gupta


I came to know of Mentor Mpact through a friend who highly recommended both the quality and commitment of the firm. During the time of my application I was working in an Indian bank and did not have adequate time to do the relevant research of what the college was looking for in an applicant and the tone I should employ for the essays.

I met with Rashi in May 2010 soon after my GMAT in which my score was far from fabulous- the first piece of great advise she gave me was that spend your time on the application rather than re taking the GMAT (unless the next time round you can get a 760!). This was sensible as I have now realized that Institutes look for an above average score to establish some basic intelligence.

I explained to Rashi that I was looking at only one year courses. Her methodology was very structured. First she helped me plot my "life graph" detailing my various achievements and helping me draw put instances which I may have considered immaterial but did highlight a facet that B-schools look at. She then gave me a lot of information specifically about the school I was looking to apply to- what they like in a candidate and what I should emphasis on.

I was attached to a mentor based out of a different city. And though I was sceptical about how a long distance mentoring structure would work, I soon realized that both Rashi and my mentor worked in sync to progressively work through the various essays. There was no pressure on the number of times it would be refined, the idea was to perfect the draft.

The application came out very well-my essays were well structured, articulate without trying "too hard" and each essay highlighted a different story giving my entire application a good feel.
I highly recommend Mentor Mpact to students looking to apply to B-schools. Good luck!

Shilpa Murarka

University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Mentor Mpact was a great help with my application process.The suggestions I got to improve my essays took them to a whole new level of conciseness and clarity. The help was invaluable in terms of getting essays within the word limit while also making them more impactful!

Akansha Jain
Darden School of Business

Mentor Mpact helped me through the entire process - from school shortlisting to the final application submissions. It was literally like working with a friend through the entire process. We would discuss everything several times to bring out the best in my application. They helped me work and realize my goals and acted as the perfect guiding source.

Most importantly, Mentor Mpact works on one-on-one basis, takes personal interest in everyone and doesn't function like other commercial consulting services, which is indeed reassuring and rewarding.

I have a big part of my success to share with Rashi. And not just B-school wise but also in terms of the clarity of my thought towards my goals. A big thank you and all the best for your future endeavors!
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