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Siddharth Garg
McCombs, Boston University, and Purdue (Scholarship)

I took Mentor Mpact's services for some of my applications to US Universities for Fall 2010. I was actually enrolled with one of the leading consultants in this area and what made me look towards Mentor Mpact was the special service they have of connecting with a mentor from the same school that we apply to. This really helps in understanding the school in a better way and moulding our essays to suit the school.

I am glad that I enrolled with them. Not only are the mentors great, but also it was good to see the Director - Rashi putting in so much effort and going overboard in helping me. Her advices were very valuable, the editing was very good, the interview preparation was great with good material and good mock interview and the feedback sessions. Overall, I would say that these guys are very professional, their model is good, they have good knowledge and more over they put in a lot of effort into making our application the BEST. I sincerely thank them for helping me with my applications. I wish the reader best of luck for his/her application and trust me, you have come to the right place !!

Manika Sahni
Indian School of Business

While applying to B-Schools, like everyone, I had also evaluated options available to help me to write my application for ISB. It was no-brainer and did not require much thought to zero down on Mentor Mpact. The personal involvement of the mentors, the background, credentials, and approach clearly manifested a sincere, professional and insightful approach towards the application process. And on hindsight, the decision to take help from Mentor Mpact made all the difference.

When I got a score of 600 in GMAT, I thought that my dream of getting into ISB is over. I decided that I will not even apply to ISB, but my mentor Rashi talked me into writing the application and guided me with all the essays. Rashi’s concerted efforts, planning, discipline and targeted guidance helped me draft a powerful and persuasive application which highlighted my uniqueness and strengths.

The entire process was clearly explained to me and the timelines were defined. The starting point was an extensive brainstorming session with Rashi. This allowed her to understand all the aspects related to my personality and life - personal and professional. Then Rashi mapped my strengths to ISB’s requirements and gave me very clear and precise guidelines to write the first draft. The draft went through much iteration, getting sharper, compelling and engaging every time. What worked for me and helped me during my interview was that my application was written by me under the guidance of an expert. This gave me the confidence to answer the questions in the interview and live upto the quality of my application.

Not only was Rashi involved in my application process, she went above and beyond and guided me for the GMAT preparation and interviews as well. My mentor’s personal involvement even post selection clearly showed that Mentor Mpact believes in assisting the students not only through the application process, but rather through the entire MBA journey.

I still remember Rashi calling me to check if I had got the mail from ISB on selection and I kept her on hold while I checked my e-mail account. I was selected and I was happy. But equally excited was Rashi.

I would not even compare Mentor Mpact to any other such consultant and would recommend anyone wanting to get into an MBA institute to take help from Mentor Mpact because then you will surely be in safe hands.

Anurag Kumar
NUS, Nanyang and HEC Admit

Mentor Mpact really went the extra mile for me and that is what made the difference. Not only did they guide me on the application process but also ensured I get clarity on my goals, shortlist the right schools, and remain motivated all throughout. They connected me with mentors from different B-schools which was an added advantage. Without much thinking I would recommend the services of Mentor Mpact to anyone embarking the B-school journey.

Mohit Khemani
HEC Paris

Coming from a unique background of Merchant Navy, I never knew how I would compete against the bankers and the consultants who usually apply to B schools. While I knew that uniqueness of career is an advantage, I had no clue whatsoever of how to put it on paper and use it to my favour.
To get such apprehensions off my mind, I spoke to few friends in my GMAT prep class and they directed me to Mentor Mpact.

I was smart and lucky to contact Rashi in the very early days of my GMAT and application journey. This timely step helped me sail through most of my endeavours such as GMAT preparation, shortlisting of schools, applications, interviews and what not.

Though I had a decent score in my GMAT, that was just the beginning of my voyage. An application is in my opinion the most impactful database that you provide to the B school. Writing down the story of your life in 6-7 essays and that too with an upper cap on the word limit is not at all easy. Those are pages where each and every word is important and can decide your entry to that school. Mentor Mpact has a great system in place to make your essays the strength of your application. They have an exhaustive brainstorming process which caters to almost everything that you have done in your life. Then comes the first draft and the numerous iterations and personal discussions over the essays which fine tunes the essay and the end result will be interview calls to the B school of your choice.  And this is exactly what happened with me :)

I also took the interview package from Mentor Mpact and was not surprised with the professionalism with which the whole process goes on. The interviews are so real that I was forced to think they are unreal. Just one practice gave me loads of confidence and I was too comfortable in my interviews thereafter.

All these components were invaluable components of my application and the net result was entry into my dream school HEC Paris with a great amount of scholarship. I really thank Mentor Mpact and Rashi especially who actually drove the things around, went beyond limits to help me pursue my dreams.

Though my professional contract is over, but we keep sharing ideas and the guidance of the mentors is always available to me. I wish Mentor Mpact the best of luck to make the best of whatever they put their hands in.

Suresh Raj

Mentor Mpact played a critical role in helping me get through the MBA program of my choice. The inputs provided by them helped me build impactful applications, showcasing my core strengths in the best possible manner. I would recommend their service to anyone looking to embark the MBA journey.
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